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Winter Season:  Practices December-February



  • Sub-Regional, Saturday – TBD (no overninght)
  • East Region Basketball Regional Competition, Saturday – February 1 at WSU, Pullman (overnight)
  • State Winter Games,Feb 28th – March 1st 2020, at Wenatchee     




Youth Game Play and Level II Skills

Head Coach: Helena Maple


This program is designed for younger athletes who wish to improve their basketball skills an move to Game Play Teams as they age out.  The program is open to people with and without disabilities.  If enough people without disabilities join the team, the team will compete as a Unified Team at tournaments.  If there are not enough Unified players, the team will compete as a Traditional Team.  Athletes still learning the basics and who are not ready to play against another team will compete in the Individual Skills  or Individual Team Skills category at tournaments.  


* Note:  Youth athletes who have been played on game teams last year do not need to move to the youth program.  They may continue to play with their team.



Register online at: 

Youth Basketball Registration

Or Register at Kickoff Night:

November 14 at 6:30 pm at The Arc


Please contact Kelley at The Arc for further questions or 509-531-2237




Game Play Teams

Intro/Beginners and Level II Skills   Coaches Jim and Lindsey Homan

Team D    Coach John Sands

Team C   Coach Greg and Josh Bintliff

Team B Coach Dennis Homan



Many athletes who played basketball last year have already been registered by Jeff and Beth Beard.  Please contact them at 509-946-1632 to find out which team you were placed on.  Athletes may also register in the link below or pick up an information and registration packet at The Arc.  New athletes will be placed on the Into/Beginner Team and may be "called up" based on skill and availability.

Basketball Game Play Registration



Adult Individual and Team Skills

Ages 22+

Coaches:  Dean Medford, Sherry Farmer-Jennings

The Individual Skills and Team Skills program is designed for athletes who are not yet ready for game play. Individual Skills players practice dribbling, target pass and spot shot and may have 1 on 1 assistance. In Team Skills, players take their position and pass the ball to each person in turn and the last person shoots. Then they rotate and repeat the play from their new positions.

The two Skills Teams will be rostered by who is willing to travel overnight and who is not. If you do not wish to travel overnight for competitions, please let us know at registration.  Athletes wishing to travel to Regionals and State will be rostered together to ensure a large enough travel team.



Practices will begin in December 2019 in Kennewick. Day and Time to be determined.


Individual and Team Skills Teams are for athletes who are working on dribbling, passing, catching and shooting but not playing the game of basketball.  Athletes wanting to play the game see above for Masters Teams.



Register online now at:

Adult Individual and Team Skills Registration


Or Register at one of the Information and Registration Events offered at The Arc on November 12th and 14th 5:30-6:30. 


Please contact Kelley at The Arc for further questions or 509-531-2237




Thank you to the following Sponsors that make this program possible!

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