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Infant Toddler Program


As a parent you are the most important person in your child's life. Children grow and change rapidly during the first three years. Think of your child and how he or she is growing. You know your child best. You notice things like how and when your child smiles, sits up, walks, talks, or holds a cup. What you are seeing is how your child is growing thorough the different developmental stages. When a child has a delay in development, services are available. The Infant Toddler Program coordinates efforts to help families access the services they need for their child and family.

What if I have Questions About My Child's Development?

Contact Becky Seaman at the Children's Developmental Center (509) 735-1062 ext. 310 or to ask for the Infant Toddler Program, she will connect you to a Family Resource Coordinator who will help you to get the early intervention services your child may need. Family Resource Coordinators are available to help all families with an infant or toddler, birth to three, who have concerns about their growth or development.