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suesouthridgeThis is a unique club that is based on friendship! The Buddy Club provides opportunities for teens with disabilities to form friendships with teens without disabilities in their school. Club members are "matched" for the entire year and have committed to contacting each other, during the school year, on a regular basis. In addition to providing recreational opportunities the club's purpose is to bring inclusion for teens with intellectual and developmental disabilities into the general population of their schools.

Monthly activities are planned for all participants in the Tri-Cities area. Some of the activities include "Club" hosted socials, movies, bowling, and lunches. The "Buddies" have the prospect of gaining additional friendships, social skill development and increased independence. The benefits to the "Peer-Buddies" are unlimited. One of the few clubs that can change a life, impact the community and the world, all while having more fun than should be allowed! Sign up with a friend to be a friend!

Great News! We have partnered with Special Olympics/ Project Unify to expand our inclusion within our schools. Bringing "Spread the Word to End the Word" campaigns and recognition on a national level.




Buddy Club Applications:


High School Buddy Club Application

High School Buddy Club Application - Spanish

Middle School Buddy Club Application

Middle School Buddy Club Application- Spanish