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Community Inclusion is a unique service for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. We emphasize providing opportunities for all individuals to achieve their highest potential and greater access to their community at large.

Am I eligible? Individuals age 62 years and older and individuals 18 years old and older who have 9 months vocational experience

How do I sign up? All referrals for Community Inclusion must come from your Case Resource Manager.

What will I do in Community Inclusion? Individual plans are designed with client input. Clients and one-on-one staff will participate in community-based activities, working on personal objectives and goals. Community Inclusion is goal-focused, specifically designed for each individual to progress toward independent community participation in ways that are most meaningful to him or her.

What days and times will I attend? Arc staff can help transport to and from each client's desired community activities. During the intake process, specific days and times are worked out, based on clients preferences.

 Community Inclusion Participant Manual


Contact Information:

 Program Manager - Megan Fort

 Phone # (509) 783-1131 ext 129

Program Coordinator - Mindy Mueller 

Phone # (509) 783-1131 ext 156




The Arc is looking for part-time Community Access Specialists to work with our clients one-on-one in this exciting and flexible community-based program. Applicants may contact the Program Manager (see above) for more information.

Community Inclusion Specialist Job Description

Each year, The Arc of Tri-Cities reviews its Community Inclusion program and publishes a quality assurance plan (most current plan linked below). We believe in not only documenting self-inspection, but we hope our participants, their families, and other stakeholders will take part in helping us increase our customer satisfaction from year to year.

 2018 Quality Assurance Report